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Really good Barbacoa! I'm a little surprised that in a city like El Paso doesn't have many Barbacoa houses.You don't find many of these places in El Paso, and Los Cuatro Vientos is just that kind of place. They only sell Barbacoa here, whether by the lb. or tacos & sandwiches. I like their no-frills menu, and the Barbacoa is really good! The Barbacoa is moist, but not overly greasy, just squeeze some lime, put some salsa and add some onions, and boom, you got yourself an excellent taco.

Albert K.

El Paso, TX

OMG. Taco perfection right here. I'm really really sad that I cannot eat these tacos every day, because I WOULD.I ordered the tacos, and you get 4 of them for $6. They are filled with meat and come with great sides and sauces. I was in heaven and told my siblings they were nuts for not partaking in taco breakfast with me. I was too full to eat the last one and cried a little as I wrapped it up and threw it away :(. The sauces were spicy and perfect, and the meat was moist but not greasy. What a fabulous place to get some awesome barbacoa!! Can you please open a location in Nashville?!!

Sheena T.

Nashville, TN

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My boyfriend loves barbacoa and he killed the tacos. The service was great too!! Very friendly family ran place!

Lurine F.

Morgantown, WV

Simply the best barbacoa you can find! Been to many barbacoa places and this is absolutely the best, very clean, and not that greasy barbacoa.

Alex S.

El Paso, TX

The Barbacoa is good. I had an order of tacos with a mex style bottle cola. Satisfying!

Saul A.

El Paso, TX