Authentic Cuisine Crosses the Border into El Paso, Texas

Barbacoa Los Cuatro Vientos was founded in 1988 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua by Pedro Ramos Ibarra and Rosa Maria Meza. They were not native of Ciudad Juarez but they both came to the city in search of prosperity and to fulfill their personal dreams. They were raised in small towns in Chihuahua, Villa Lopez and Parral, they never imagined how barbacoa would change their lives.

It all started at Ave. Jilotepec one of the newest streets at the time and home of their first location. The dirt roads and winds at times made business even more difficult. Pedro and Rosa never gave up and with only a few chairs and tables business began to grow at a slow but steady pace. The small grill and pots that were used over years were now too small for the demand. A new cart took its place and the kitchen new appliances. After approximately 15 years of business Pedro decided to open a new location close to Ave. Las Torres another street growing with businesses very rapidly. After all not only business began to grow but also families began to develop. The inclusion of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and friends was now very important for the business. All working together for a family tradition that kept getting stronger. Five sons and two daughters were now Pedro and Rosa's support and basically were born with a barbacoa taco in their hands.

The year 2006 was the saddest year of all. Pedro Ramos Ibarra has a car accident near his home town Villa Lopez. He was the only one in the vehicle and sadly lost his life. He left a legacy and a tradition. He will always be in the hearts of his loved ones and his absence will forever be irreplaceable. He left moral values and a great example.The admiration from his family will continue through many generations.

Today, Rosa and her sons and daughters run the business and do their best every single day to put the name of Barbacoa Los Cuatro Vientos at the highest level. The two locations in Ciudad Juarez continue to operate and the location in El Paso was recently opened in 2011. The Ramos Meza Family takes every measure to give their customers the best barbacoa they have ever tried, and work very hard and with the same energy and enthusiasm as one day Pedro and Rosa did back in 1988 on their first business day.